One on One Consultation with John F Xuereb

75.00 50.00

John provides specific programs for health, fat/weight loss, and lifestyle. Some programs include all that is listed below and some programs include some of the below

1. Specific nutrition plans based on YOU and your specific needs

2. Weight Loss Programs

3. Fat Loss Programs

4. Cardiovascular Programs

5. Core Strengthening Programs

6. Weight Training Programs

7. Personal Training

8. Life Coaching

9. Support Sessions

10. Personal Self Development

And all these aspects bring about the general term of “ weight loss & toning”

If you are interested in changing your lifestyle and then maintaining it… then this program is for you

Costs of my programs vary based on the type of program one chooses.  To determine the best program, length, and cost, John proposes you to do this in a private consultation!

The consult lasts anywhere from 90-120 minutes and will allow John to understand YOU, your needs and the best way to see you accomplish your goals. From this, John can discuss price and program options and the best way for you to move forward and accomplish your goals!

Cost of the consultation will be deducted on certain programs should you choose to participate