If you are reading this book it means you are ready for a change. It means you have looked in the mirror at least once, but more likely many times, and have not been happy with what you have seen. It means that over the months or years you have allowed yourself to slowly deteriorate to the point where you have probably looked at yourself in disgust, and said some version of the following, “Yikes! How did I let this happen?”

    So you have contacted me or picked up this book in the hopes of reversing that. Good for you! You have taken a valuable first step in changing the way you look.

    But my first question to you isn’t about your looks; it is about you as a person. The question is, “What else are you prepared to change?”

    Are you prepared to change your outlook on life? Your self-confidence? Your perception of how the world sees you? Your dedication to living a life that allows you to love yourself and feel good about yourself?

    Because in the course of training and reaching out to hundreds of thousands of people, one trait stands out: for most people who seek the services of a personal trainer, most people who have let themselves get out of shape and are unhappy with their looks, an out-of-shape body isn’t their main problem. The primary cause and consequence of “letting themselves go” was a profound sense of self-doubt, that feeling of looking in the mirror and thinking, “Who is this person? Why do I look like this? How did I get like this? And, why don’t I look like the person I want to be?”

    By the time they get to my office, most people have already done a better job of defeating themselves and crushing their self-confidence than a few extra pounds could ever do. By the time I speak to many of my clients, the conversation starts with some variation of, “I know I will never look like I did in college but I want to do something before it’s too late.” They haven’t picked up a weight yet, and they have already defeated themselves.

    And that is when I tell them something that surprises them. I warn them that working with me isn’t about a better body. That is not our primary goal. I quickly add that hey will get a better body from working with me. But our primary goal is to make them understand that they are out of shape for a reason. No one becomes out of shape overnight. They have allowed it to happen over time. And, along the way, if they are like most people, they have unconsciously created a distorted perception of self and filled themselves with negative self-talk. I tell them that we are going to turn their deluded self-image around; that we are going to work together to help them understand that they are a good person and that they can do anything they set their mind to. I reassure them that when I am done with them, we will have accomplished our goals: to make them love themselves first and foremost and to fill them with the confidence they need to both desire and live a healthy life. When that time comes, they will have a better body. But that is not the goal —it is the result.

    Now, I realize what some of you may be thinking. “Isn’t this all a bit presumptuous for a personal trainer? I just want a better body. What makes you think you can reverse what has been going on in my head for years?”

    That is are a remarkably good question. Here’s the answer.

    The bottom line is that if I can change my life, if I can make myself a success after what I have been through, then anyone can do it. In this chapter, I will use my own life to illustrate how the power of positive thinking and self-love can lead you toward any goal you choose.

    IF YOU WANT TO READ THE REST OF “MY STORY” please message me and I will provide you with a way of purchasing my book, “It’s Just Your Life!  What are you waiting for?… and find out what inspired me to be the LEADER in helping others truly find their path to transform.

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