CAN DO

    We all have a starting point. Me I started lifting at 12. Why? Because all my childhood years I suffered at the hands from most every foster home I lived in. Every kind of abuse I experienced, and I mean everything!  So why bodybuilding? Well, it’s simple, I thought if I was BIG no one would try to touch me again!  As simple as that. I never did it for glory, or for attention and most importantly to gain friends or have people like me; as a matter of fact I’m an introvert (unless I’m educating people for a better life) and shy which because of my size, gets misidentified as “ASSHOLE”. NO, if I am clear with my words,  I started to lift for #selfpreservation

    So I stayed to myself throughout my life and was on my own virtually at the end of 14/15 being assisted by social services!  And so I decided to build a wall… a wall THAT would keep people from coming in and trying to destroy the dreams, ideas and wishes of a kid…  NO THIS WAS NEVER ABOUT FAME!

    Here I am 40 years later, not building walls anymore, those walls came down because of the education that I learned and the power that was revealed to me by being able to master my own body and mind. My journey has turned into an opportunity to be a”lighthouse” a “beacon” to help those who have experienced things as I have to see and know ANYTHING CAN BE DONE if you chose to work for it, believe in yourself and understand the TRUE POWER MANKIND has to create positive things.

    I have worked with, spoken too, coached, mentored and lectured so many thousands of people, and again not for fame or glory or attention but rather in hopes that by my story, A) those who have gone what I have gone through can find a positive catalyst in themselves to stand up and work for something they want and B) to do my part to change the way we are going in this world!  To get the best from others we need to give the best of ourselves, to get positivity we need to show positive to them. We can’t blame others for their issues if we ourselves have the same issues and pass them down. We need to LEAD BY EXAMPLE

    I believe in a world of “CAN DO” not wishes or wanting but rather working and getting. I believe in the power of self and that the power to do all things was given to us by grace when we were born. I believe we can do the right thing as long as we all live the right thing!

    So here I am 50 years of age, I have not only survived but I have thrived. There was no evolution for me but a revolution… to be my best!  If we all do that in our own lives can you imagine the outcome for everyone we touch!

    I am available for motivational talks, seminars, lectures, work groups!  This is just a small part of me but if it can motivate, inspire, empower, or be a positive example, then, in the end, my journey has more meaning!

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